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Local 10 News community in action: Viewer finds love of her life

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With the help of a Local 10 News viewer, Frankie Spells found the love of her life.

Her husband of 39 years, Billie Spells, had vanished from their Lauderhill home on July 27. He suffers from dementia. She was worried about the deadly risks of the coronavirus pandemic. She was worried about Alzheimer’s and his need for medication.

“He is my life. I always said that he was my man and he was because everything that I wanted in my life he has given to me,” Frankie Spells said. “He showed me more love than I ever have on this Earth.”

Billie Spells, 85, had been missing for 10 days when Local 10 News shared their story on Thursday. A Local 10 News viewer found him unconscious in Plantation. He required hospitalization.

“I just want to let everyone know that I am so grateful,” Frankie Spells said.

She is trying to see him at the hospital despite the pandemic restrictions.

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